When I first heard of this, I thought that I had misunderstood what I had been told which is why I had not mentioned this before. Over the past few days, however, It seems what I have heard is true based on a complaint filed in the state of Texas.

Most of you might not realize is that Websleuths.com is a  for profit corporation. It makes the bulk of its revenue by selling ad free subscriptions to the forum, and I understand that there are other income venues.

This is the filing made in Texas:

Websleuths lawsuit (1)


In reading the complaint I got the impression that Trica Griffith is accused to diverting Websleuths.com income to her personal finances. If this is true, I am surprised that she has not found herself in criminal court as this would be an accusation of Embezzlement.

Under Texas law, embezzlement is essentially employee theft.

Whether you work the register at a store in the mall or oversee the accounts of a large corporation, you are put in a position of trust to handle your employer’s money and goods. When an employer suspects you are taking advantage of this trust, they may investigate you.

If the allegations of financial theft are shown to be likely, you could face charges of embezzlement.

Technically, the charge of embezzlement involves the appropriation of property with the intent to defraud or deprive.

I have supported Trica Griffith in the past as well as Websleuths.com. I am disappointed to say the least with these recent developments. It is a shame that such a well known and respected forum is being tarnished by a scandal of this nature.

This action puts the whole future of Websleuths.com in a state of uncertainty. I will be watching this lawsuit closely to see how this dispute is resolved.