torringtonHere we go again. This time it is much worse. This time it is a 13 year old who was said to have been raped by football players. It will be interesting to see who gets involved and what battle lines are formed in this small New England town.

What is astonishing is to read what is happening to the survivor of the rape. This 13 year old is now in the center of a smear campaign by her peers who are after her for “ruining the lives of the players.” One has to wonder about the mentality of this generation that cannot seem to recognize what rape is and goes on a rampage against anyone who accuses a local hero of such a violent crime. Remember everyone that this is a 13 year old. Consent is off the table since someone this young is not legally able to give her consent. This is considered statutory rape and carries severe penalties. I would certainly expect these players to be tried as adults.

I will be interested to see if Anonymous gets involved in THIS case and what their actions will be.

Stay Tuned