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jumpWhen I heard about this one, at first I thought someone was kidding. Soon, however, the proof was provided to me and all I could say is “what a bunch of hypocrites.”

It seems there is this woman in California that got into a bit of a pickle with a moving company. As a result she is unable to afford the charges the mover has made to get her and her daughter’s belongings back.

A number of her friends have taken up her quest to seek donations to get the money needed to get the belongings back from the movers. They have even gone to the extent of offering to jump off a bridge into freezing cold water if the funding goal is reached.

First off, I applaud this effort to come to the aid of a friend in trouble. I have no objection to the woman asking for help in these desperate times especially when a child is involved. What I do object to is the hypocrisy behind those doing the donation seeking.

To understand this, one has to go as far back as 2008 to when the two woman leading this donation  drive who attacked me (falsely by the way) for doing the exact same thing. When I was streaming the search for Caylee Anthony, both of these women attacked me for seeking donations to cover the expenses of doing so. The truth is others volunteered to make the donations to me in the same way these two women are doing so on behalf of the woman wanting to get her furniture back.

It is the net result of the attacks of these two women along with others who joined in that put me in the situation I find myself in today.

There are several blogs and a massive database that was started about me based on this one single accusation.

This was in spite the fact that one of them had set up a donation drive in order to move out of her Illinois apartment way back to around 2006 or so.

The other woman went on twitter and ranted on several occasions demanding that one employer hire her back with back wages, while making some serious accusations against the executives in the company at the same time.

One Anonymous member who got involved in the Ohio rape case finds himself, to this day, the target of widespread attacks do to his donation efforts on his own behalf.

Once again, it is those who attacked me who attacked him that now reverse their stance because this time it is a WOMAN seeking the donations.

I have heard of women changing their minds but gee wiz what took them so long?

Perhaps I should join the donation seeking bandwagon and try to recover the thousands I have lost due to these attacks.

Nothing official yet but….

Stay tuned




dawn1As the year 2013 draws to a close the usual musings over what the new year will bring is in full force. There is the expression “tomorrow, there is always hope.” The question is hope for what? Peace? Good will? prosperity?

There are other specific questions that arise out of the events of this and the past year. As one reviews the events of the past that concern this writer and others, one has to wonder how the next year will reconcile these past events towards the resolutions of the new year.

There are certain events that will have resolution in 2014. Some resolutions will be in court, others will be by other means. Some resolutions may spill over into 2015 and some issues may not be resolved.

For some reason the passage of an old year and the beginning of a new year brings a milestone of hope.

That hope is that things will get better, that people will get better and that people will ACT better.

I have my doubts, but one can always hope.


Stay tuned




horseIt was much ado about nothing. What do I mean by that? I mean the battle over a certain blog and the great efforts to right a wrong. It seems there was this blog out of Ohio that created a bit of a stir by claiming that a high school football player was the mastermind of a gang rape.

There was a lawsuit that went nowhere. The parties settled out of court. The blog eventually went private and the whole mess vanished into the old news file.

Soon afterword there was a protracted online battle as those who felt unfairly targeted by the blog its owner’s and supporters countered the targeting by going to the various social media outlets to vent their frustrations.

The social media wars intensified with ever more damaging weapons being brought to the fore. Threats and accusations of all kinds swept through the internet like a raging flood.

Then, as with all storms, everything started to calm down. The arguments stopped suddenly. The threats stopped and then….

The blog that had started the whole mess was gone. The domain was suspended. The author of the blog has turned to posting links to articles on Twitter and not much more.

As 2014, the year I dub as the year of resolution, approaches, one has to wonder what the next 12 months will bring.

As I had stated a number of times, I expect there will be some resolutions.

Resolutions of what?

Stay tuned