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This is the location of my stream and chat site. When Streaming I will open the chat for the discussion of whatever the subject is being covered. At the moment I am not streaming on a regular basis.

When I do stream I will post the times here as well as notify through my twitter site.



Stay Tuned


Welcome to the blog. As we enter the year 2013 we enter a new beginning for this blog. I am about to make some changes in what I write about and how I present information both here and on my other internet sites. As of yet, I am not certain of the format of the blog other than some of the subjects covered will be those of personal interest to me and some of my friends. I also have a stream site where I will be on the air from time to time:








A majority of the subjects will have to do with people, places, and events in the greater Central Florida area. There might be items of interest that I will write about that are from other areas.

Stay tuned



lpwhopperWell, gee, Levi Page decided to join the Troll bandwagon………again. Levi Page got his facts wrong……………again. Nothing new. He now goes on Twitter and tells the big lie that I claimed to have been working with the FBI on a missing child case.

Sorry Levi, your lies are catching up with you once again. I never made such a claim. First of all in each of the missing child cases it was either a CITY or COUNTY law enforcement agency that was in charge of the cases. The FBI became involved in the cases either because A: In the case of Melinda Duckett, she was being charged with embezzlement from the bank she worked for as well as with identity theft and B: to ASSIST local law enforcement in the Caylee Anthony case.

And no I am not ‘butthurt” from being banned from Websleuths. It is only a forum and it is also NOT the ONLY forum on the internet. Also I can still and do READ there. I stopped participating in true crime chats simply because the forums and other websites have degenerated into pissing matches between the various owners and administrators of the sites.

The truth of the matter is that the true crime social media community is falling apart. Most of the sites are run by housewives that do not have a clue how to run a business or administer something as simple as a forum or blog.

The Websleuths lawsuit is a prime example. BOTH of the owners did not have the sense to draw up a simple contract spelling out who is in charge of what and who can or cannot do what with the funds generated by the website.

One of the most basic things the principals of a business does, and Websleuths IS a business, is to go into detail as to how it is run and who is responsible for the various duties within it.

Neither of the parties in the lawsuit did so and thus they have created a situation where outsiders are having a field day mocking them for the mess they have gotten themselves into.

A majority of these social media blogs and forums have strayed from being places to chat or become informed about various subjects of interest to places where a gang of frustrated housewives can take out their personal lives against each other or the vary people who make their sites possible.

Levi Page is no better than the rest of these morons. He rants and raves about tired old fairy tales that are a decade old and that he knows are untrue and have been debunked as well.

Levi Page has claimed more than once to have been hacked and even had a case or two of identity theft where someone broke into one of his financial accounts. Because of this, Levi Page knows how easy it is to break into people’s accounts and impersonate them. He also knows full well that the majority of accusations against me originated from the product of hackers from Anonymous and the well known who is famous for hacking into various websites for the “lulz” as they put it.

A classic example of this kind of hacking is Melinda Duckett who was charged by law enforcement for doing exactly that.

What I find interesting about Levi Page’s never ending lies about me and others is that once he posts his little lies and his rants surrounding them, he almost immediately deletes them.

The reason is, of course, because he is violating Twitter rules and he has to delete the comments for fear of having his account suspended if I were to turn him in. Levi is wrong and by deleting those accusations, he is proving he is both wrong and a liar.

For someone who is supposed to be on the rise in the world of mainstream media, his conduct is both pathetic and immature.

It is also highly unethical and would get any professional journalist fired before their antics subjected their employer to the liability caused by his misconduct.

I am also not “butthurt” since every time Levi Page posts his whoppers, he is proving that it is he that is the stalker and not anyone else. Nobody talks about him until AFTER he pulls such a stunt as he did this morning.

Levi Page simply cannot move on to more productive pursuits. He, instead engages in this moronic trolling and in the process demonstrates to the world just what a fool he really is.

He has once again provided entertainment for those who watch him destroy his career before it even begins.

Stay tuned


websleuthsAs many of you out there know, I have been posting over on my other blog and had discontinued posting at this one. What I had not realized was that a good number of people were still reading this one in spite of me not writing here. It turns out that the main reason for the visits were due to the ongoing discussion about the lawsuit between the two owners of

The core of one of the discussions seems to be how I obtained the information regarding the lawsuit and if I were taking sides with one of the parties involved. Other issues had to do with some of the terms I used within the blog as to the primary reasons for the lawsuit and any specific criminal actions that may or may not have been inferred at that time.

For those who may not be familiar with my writings on this subject, I post the links to the articles here to aid in bringing everyone up to speed.

A short time before I published this article, I had heard rumblings about a lawsuit through various social media sources, mainly through a blog from which I am now barred from reading. Once I learned a few details of the suit and obtained documents through a Public records request, I wrote the following article:

I also wrote another article about Trica Griffith and

This article had to do with the accusation that Trica Griffith was giving out the personal information of those who were members of the forum, mainly those who were part of a mass banning that occurred several years ago. I wanted to point out exactly WHO made the accusation and also how the information about one blogger in particular was discovered:

Let me do my best at trying to set the record straight on certain matters.

First, I am not taking sides in the lawsuit. I did not then and I am not now. I did allow people to comment on the blog and people are still welcome to do so although the blog suffers from a glitch or two that sometimes messes up the comment option.

tgPeople might have the mistaken impression that I had turned away from Trica Griffith since it was she who banned me from the forum some years ago. I stated back then that it is her right to ban or welcome anyone she wishes to the forum since she is part owner of it and can run it as she sees fit. I still have a lot of respect of Trica and admiration for what she has been able to do while operating the forum.

Next: Use of the term embezzlement. When I read through the court transcripts, I drew my own conclusion that this is an accusation of misappropriation of funds which defines what embezzlement is, in most cases. It is only my opinion, of course, and not a direct accusation.

What I do feel is going on here is a fairly common business dispute that occurs more often than people may or may not realize. The partners in this case have a disagreement and one has chosen a civil action as a way to attempt to resolve it.

It is also natural in these sorts of things for people to be loyal to one party or the other. There are those who are aligned with Trica and those who are aligned with Sue. I have no idea who will prevail. In a majority of these disputes, there is mediation and an out of court settlement. These things rarely go to trial.

The amount of damages being sought is rather small. It should be an easy matter for a resolution to be reached that would appease both parties and allow everyone to go forward with their lives.

There is an underlying problem, however. I find it rather disconcerting that someone decided to record what should have been private telephone conversations and then pass the recordings around to parties that should not have had a vested interest in hearing them.

There is a rule of law known as ” a reasonable expectation of privacy” which means that all parties to certain conversations have an understanding that what is being said will remain between them and not be disclosed to outsiders.

This clearly did not happen here. The practice of publishing what was understood as private conversations has been going on in the social media world as well as in the outside world as well. There has been some high profile examples of this in the public sector in the recent past.

There seems to have been a loss of ethics and common decency over the years with people engaging in savage personal attacks against each others in the social media realm.

It is both a disgrace and a shame. Most of us operate forums and blogs as a hobby and not as a means of income. It is a sad state of affairs as to what is going on in social media today. is an institution. It is one of the most respected websites in the true crime arena on social media today. I can only hope that all sides can resolve this dispute and help preserve Websleuths as the place to go to obtain information on current subjects regarding true crime and that the forum can continue to evolve and grow.

Feel free to comment and ask any questions of me that you wish.

Stay tuned


ahacka1prankIn my prior article regarding the so called hacking of a Twitter account by Anonymous, I cited how easy it is to place false content on the internet and have those reading it be convinced that the content is real and genuine.

It turns out that the hacking was, in fact, an April fools joke.

While the joke might seem to be on those of us who fell for it, the joke is actually on the account holder as his followers fell off in astonishing numbers. It is not known for certain what caused the fall of of followers. One likely reason might be that a large number of them did not take kindly to the joke.

The points I raised in my prior article remains the same. On line content cannot be taken at face value. It can be the result of someone hacking the account or as in this case, the result of a practical joke.

The joke, in this case, is on the joker.

Stay tuned



Over the past few years I have been trolled by a group known as Anonymous. Many who use social media on a regular basis are familiar with who Anonymous is and their reputation for making the lives of innocent victims miserable.

They have certainly done so in my case. A few ignorant individuals have used certain postings attributed to me to accuse me of actions and statements that were simply not mine. These false accusations continue to this day. Those who even are familiar with Anonymous and how they operate insist that what is being said about me is true.

This is due not for any quest for truth but for their own form of trolling. One of my most ardent foes is a so called “former anonymous” who knowingly has spread false rumors about me and others in support of an aged blogger who has used Anonymous for her own deviant purposes.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how easy it is to hack into social media sites and create false content. In this case, it is Anonymous bragging that they hacked an account.

anonmaskIn this case, Anonymous was open about the hacking of a certified Twitter account.

In most other cases, the hacking and the changing of the content of a Twitter account is not made obvious and thus leads to the sort of damage that is done to innocent victims on a daily basis.

When you read on social media of someone being accused of certain actions, the question you must ask is “is what so called proof real or is it the result of the person in question being hacked and victimized by deviant trolls?”

Stay tuned



I originally created this blog to cover subjects that I did not feel belonged in my other blog entitled; From the desk of Murtwitnessonelive. The problem, however, is that I have not been able to set up the other blog in a way that best served my readers.

I was also surprised that some options that are available on this blog site do not translate over to the blog of the same name on my main website. Since people seem to be checking into this blog in more numbers than I had expected since I quit writing in it, I am considering either switching back to this blog or incorporating what I have written into the other blogs to here.

What will change here is the format. I feel that most of the issues I have raised here have been resolved to the point where I no longer feel it necessary to discuss them. Those issues that have not been resolved or the anticipated truths remain untold, are destined to remain.

There comes a point where one must understand that there are things that will not change due to the cowardice of others and that it is time to move on.

In the near future, I will determine the best course of action when it comes to publishing on this blog and how best to handle what is currently here.

In the meantime….

Stay tuned


jumpWhen I heard about this one, at first I thought someone was kidding. Soon, however, the proof was provided to me and all I could say is “what a bunch of hypocrites.”

It seems there is this woman in California that got into a bit of a pickle with a moving company. As a result she is unable to afford the charges the mover has made to get her and her daughter’s belongings back.

A number of her friends have taken up her quest to seek donations to get the money needed to get the belongings back from the movers. They have even gone to the extent of offering to jump off a bridge into freezing cold water if the funding goal is reached.

First off, I applaud this effort to come to the aid of a friend in trouble. I have no objection to the woman asking for help in these desperate times especially when a child is involved. What I do object to is the hypocrisy behind those doing the donation seeking.

To understand this, one has to go as far back as 2008 to when the two woman leading this donation  drive who attacked me (falsely by the way) for doing the exact same thing. When I was streaming the search for Caylee Anthony, both of these women attacked me for seeking donations to cover the expenses of doing so. The truth is others volunteered to make the donations to me in the same way these two women are doing so on behalf of the woman wanting to get her furniture back.

It is the net result of the attacks of these two women along with others who joined in that put me in the situation I find myself in today.

There are several blogs and a massive database that was started about me based on this one single accusation.

This was in spite the fact that one of them had set up a donation drive in order to move out of her Illinois apartment way back to around 2006 or so.

The other woman went on twitter and ranted on several occasions demanding that one employer hire her back with back wages, while making some serious accusations against the executives in the company at the same time.

One Anonymous member who got involved in the Ohio rape case finds himself, to this day, the target of widespread attacks do to his donation efforts on his own behalf.

Once again, it is those who attacked me who attacked him that now reverse their stance because this time it is a WOMAN seeking the donations.

I have heard of women changing their minds but gee wiz what took them so long?

Perhaps I should join the donation seeking bandwagon and try to recover the thousands I have lost due to these attacks.

Nothing official yet but….

Stay tuned



dawn1As the year 2013 draws to a close the usual musings over what the new year will bring is in full force. There is the expression “tomorrow, there is always hope.” The question is hope for what? Peace? Good will? prosperity?

There are other specific questions that arise out of the events of this and the past year. As one reviews the events of the past that concern this writer and others, one has to wonder how the next year will reconcile these past events towards the resolutions of the new year.

There are certain events that will have resolution in 2014. Some resolutions will be in court, others will be by other means. Some resolutions may spill over into 2015 and some issues may not be resolved.

For some reason the passage of an old year and the beginning of a new year brings a milestone of hope.

That hope is that things will get better, that people will get better and that people will ACT better.

I have my doubts, but one can always hope.


Stay tuned




horseIt was much ado about nothing. What do I mean by that? I mean the battle over a certain blog and the great efforts to right a wrong. It seems there was this blog out of Ohio that created a bit of a stir by claiming that a high school football player was the mastermind of a gang rape.

There was a lawsuit that went nowhere. The parties settled out of court. The blog eventually went private and the whole mess vanished into the old news file.

Soon afterword there was a protracted online battle as those who felt unfairly targeted by the blog its owner’s and supporters countered the targeting by going to the various social media outlets to vent their frustrations.

The social media wars intensified with ever more damaging weapons being brought to the fore. Threats and accusations of all kinds swept through the internet like a raging flood.

Then, as with all storms, everything started to calm down. The arguments stopped suddenly. The threats stopped and then….

The blog that had started the whole mess was gone. The domain was suspended. The author of the blog has turned to posting links to articles on Twitter and not much more.

As 2014, the year I dub as the year of resolution, approaches, one has to wonder what the next 12 months will bring.

As I had stated a number of times, I expect there will be some resolutions.

Resolutions of what?

Stay tuned



formulaThere seems to be a bit of an uproar over the creation of an obscure little blog entitled:

The theme of this blog is to use the words of someone with the username of Prinnie to show she lied about certain things.

I seem to recall that there is another blog out there that claims to use the words of a certain someone to call him a liar about certain things. There does not seem to be much of an uproar over that one. Not even the fact that the domain name of a website was used to direct readers to the site.

Now, back to the blog.

Included in the expose about this particular blog is the accusation that I have gone through the time and trouble to create a multitude of sock puppet accounts where I proceed to call myself a pedophile and so forth. Of course, these sock accounts disappear after contact is made to twitter support or the individual suddenly quits or changes over to another sock account.

Now, by an amazing coincidence, is located on the same domain host I use for my other Domains. Only one of those domains are “mobile friendly.” This is important  to note because the so called evidence that I had anything to do with the website is that when someone tried to access the blog using a smartphone, they found themselves whisked to the domain where I have the blog set up for smartphone access.

One thing to take note of here is that the prime accuser is the owner of a blog that has a rather impressive resume. The person claims to have a number of interesting talents. The person holds degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering. The person claims to be an expert with computers that is so complete that she builds computers from scratch.

attThis same person also claims to work for or who did work for the same company that happens to be my mobile phone communications provider.

The same person also claims to have a high level knowledge and interest in ham radio. ANYONE licensed or who delves heavily into this hobby would have to have a fair amount of knowledge  of both electrical theory and that of RADIO communications.


Obtaining an amateur radio license requires the same amount of knowledge that would be needed to obtain a college degree in any number of technical fields.

Now why is all the above about my accuser so important?

The answer is in MY resume.

Nowhere in any internet statement is there ANY claim of holding ANY advanced degree in ANY field, let alone in the fields of electrical or mechanical engineering.

If you go to the database of the ARRL which is an organization that keeps track of Licensed “hams” as they are known as, you will not find my name listed anywhere.

You also will not find my name listed in any trade association having to do with either the electrical or mechanical engineering fields.

You will not find my name listed in any alumni association for any college or university anywhere in the world.

So, what would be found in any dox about my professional qualifications in the field of computer programming or other related computer fields?


stitruckWhat I am is a retired truck driver whose highest level of education is high school according to the MANY people who have spent countless hours probing into my personal business. I possess no advanced degrees or skills as has been noted by the person making the above accusations. It has been proven time and again that I do not nor ever have worked for NASA in the field of S band communications which would also have entailed having an advanced degree in the area necessary to preform such work.

So, dear reader, you are left with this question:

Who is more qualified and more LIKELY to pull off such elaborate frauds as have been claimed on the internet recently?:

A: An electrical and mechanical engineer with a vast knowledge of computers and computer programming.


B: A retired truck driver who barely made it through high school.

I would set up a poll, but it is outside my sphere of knowledge.

Stay Tuned


anonmaskI decided to make this the last entry in the blog as it sits on this site since Brianne was involved to some extent for it being shut down. A complaint had been filed with WordPress in Brianne’s name claiming that the image of the Death Threat letter sent to Holly Briley was a violation of her copyright since it appeared on her blog. This, of course, was a fraudulent complaint since it was Holly Briley who held the copyright since she was the one who got the original e-mail. I had copied the image off of Holly’s twitter log

If it had been true that Brianne held the copyright to the letter, then she would have admitted to sending the death threat to Holly Briley. By stating that she did not file the take down complaint, Brianne is alleging identity theft. The e-mail account used to file the complaint was indicated by WordPress to be hers. When I filed my counter complaint with WordPress, they then sent the notice to the e-mail account and stated that if no action was taken by the person who filed the original complaint within 10 business days, this blog would be reinstated.

As you can see the blog is back, alive and well.

This begs the question; Who filed the complaint? At this point, that is unknown. What IS for certain is that if it is true that Brianne did not file the complaint, it is clear cut proof that there are people out there that will go to great lengths to shut this blog down, even if it means doing so by FRAUDULENT means.

In this case, it means creating false content.

Creating false and misleading content is a common practice of those associated with Anonymous. The vast majority of the content used as “proof” of what I have said or done on the internet is false content. I have stated this for years. This one incident is possible proof of what I have been claiming.

It would take an expert to verify for certain who filed the complaint and how the e mail account was used that claimed to have belonged to Brianne. One indication that the e-mail was a fraud is that the ip address for where it was sent from was Ontario which is thosuands of miles away from where Brianne lives and where her account is located. It is something of a coincidence that this is the very same method that Melinda Duckett was charged with using to frame her ex husband, Josh Duckett, in order to prevent him from having the rights afforded to him regarding his son Trenton shortly before he went missing.

Every day there are an increasing number of claims by people on the internet that they have been the victim of internet fraud and impersonation.

There is a blogger blog that uses the name of my other domain in a deceptive manner to falsely accuse me of certain actions on the internet.

Recently, one of my most active critics, himself complained that a twitter account had been set up to troll him. That twitter account used his username on twitter. Just prior to that statement this same critic stated that he had never made a claim that any of his accounts had been hacked.

Perhaps he had not been hacked, but he has claimed to have been impersonated.

Certainly food for thought.

Stay tuned




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