I do not understand why Radio has chosen to continue to drag my son through the mud with her constantly bringing him up. Today is his birthday and I would have preferred to have had good memories of the 25 years my wife and I had with him.rnb9

Instead, I am having to deal with an amazingly crude remark by a complete stranger questioning weather or not my son is actually mine.

How Radio brought up this subject is a rather telling one. There had been an argument of sorts going on over at Twitter on Easter Sunday. The FINAL remark by Radio when going to have dinner with her pretend family was the one about my son.

I wrote the article about her actions for the specific reason for her to address what she meant by the remark and why she made the remark in the first place.


Now, over 36 hours after she made that post, she chooses to address it in the rather strange manner of saying that since I did not deny her charge then it must be true. What utter nonsense.

What this does show, however, is the ongoing pattern of Radio bringing in the offspring of those she is targeting into her blog. It is at least twice, that she has commented on my son, recently it was the photograph of a newborn grandchild of someone she is targeting. In the past she has commented on the sons and daughters of others that she targets.

I now challenge Radio to come forward and explain the remark of publicly retract it. It is one thing to defame me but quite another to defame my son.

This brings up a rather interesting incident that happened a long time ago. “Someone” mentioned the deceased son of a blogger and webcaster in a chat that was attributed towards someone who strongly denied bringing him into the discussion.

It seems to be based on the pattern demonstrated by Radio that we might now know who it is that commented on SBD’s son in the manner that caused a lot of turmoil between several blogs.

Stay tuned