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I cannot get on to view the blog. End of story.

Proud to be helping a pedophile?

Stay tuned



Pops claims to have a copy of the phone call the Pedophile’s sister made to my brother. The odd thing is that I cannot listen to it because I am unable to access the blog. I have tried a number of ways and am blocked at every turn.

I have heard of this recording being around for years. There is one problem, nobody has the balls to supply me with a copy of it. It is nowhere to be found.

I wonder if Pops even knows who supplied that recording to him. It was likely the pedophile or one of her defenders.

Does it feel good to be working at the behest of a pedophile, Mr. Thomas Norman Olsen, of Milton, Florida?

Stay tuned


Has Pops pulled a Radio? I have found myself locked out of Pops new domain hosted blog. He is now free to lie about me in secret. I will no longer to be able to see anything beyond the headlines he puts in his latest sock account.

Oh well, this is how he and his friends work.

Stay tuned


Popswashere other wise known as Thomas Norman Olsen are knowingly defending a convicted sex offender. And yes, I say knowing because I have spelled out in detail exactly who this pedophile is. Tonight, Pops, in his newly created blog posted a link of a recording made to my brother, a US  Marine veteran.

terristippThe two callers were @tinkerbell1969 and her friend, @nananc. BOTH of these women used to be volunteers who ran my paltalk chat and multimedia stream. BOTH of these woman and others had my OWNER level log information and thus had full access to both the Paltalk account and my username account there.

What Pops is NOT telling everyone is that the woman called Tinkerbell is the SISTER of a convicted pedophile. I have told this story before and I will tell it again. first few  months of my streams covering the Caylee Anthony case, Alexandra Goddard was credited with exposing Terri Stipp as an unregistered sex offender who was a moderator on Websleuths. It is said that Terry was and IS a close friend of Trica Griffith, who is said to become, once again, the owner of

When Tinkerbell discovered that Goddard had exposed her sister as a pedophile, she went on my Paltalk account and defended her sister. The tagline “THE KIDS LIED” soon began to appear on my stream site and next to her username. One other woman, who was my administrator and who had full control over my paltalk account also began to display the tagline as well.

When I found out what these woman were doing, I held a private on line meeting with Nananc, Tinkerbell, and Momiesdollies. I told them that I will not allow someone to defend a convicted pedophile on my website. I told the three of them that because of what they were doing, Goddard was having a field day in her private forum

It was not long after that , that things began to happen. Among those things was the phone call to my brother. Tinkerbell is no anonymous and thus did not have brains enough to block her caller id. My brother sent me the number and I called it. Tink admitted the whole thing and when I asked why she did it, she said it was because I would not come to the defense of her sister.

BOTH of these woman soon found themselves friendly with Goddard and worked with her to destroy my website.

Since Thomas Norman will not do the research, I suggest that perhaps some of those thousands of Anonymous that are getting the lie about me wanting to kill them might want to do the research themselves.

That is, of course, if Anonymous does not want to face the fact that they have helped a convicted pedophile get her revenge against me.

I will be waiting.

Stay tuned


Mr. Thomas Norman Olsen has spread the untrue rumor that I want to kill Anonymous members. Does this moron have any idea what he has done?


Anonymous is a movement that has people that nobody knows who they are. That is the whole point of this movement. These people are untraceable. There are no background checks, there is no file on any of them.

So, if one of them wants to become a lone eagle and make a sacrifice for the “hive” I just may not be breathing much longer.

I may not be among the living anymore and in retrospect, that would be a good thing.

What is telling, however, is the people who retweeted and favorated that post.

I rather doubt they realize nor do they even care exactly what has been done by their retweeting that post. Some wish me dead which is probably what they are hoping will happen. That much is clear.

Now before you folks go and scoff what I am saying as drama, you might want to do some math.

Pops managed to snag a big fish in his quest to bring my websites down. This is not some small fry kid with a dozen or so followers. This is someone with an influence over TENS OF THOUSANDS of fellow Anonymous members.

There is no telling how many people will end up seeing that post since it will likely get retweeted thosands of times over.

Here is a term for you,


That is how fast that post will travel around the world.

All it is going to take is one idiot and Michelle will be pissing on my grave.

Stay tuned




NOTHING will ever satisfy you so there is no use trying to discuss anything with you. I will wait to see what gibberish you come up with next but for now I am done.

You are in for a long wait since you have not even stated what you consider to be hard evidence outside of opinions and posts on the internet.

I have better things to do than argue with someone who has already made up his mind.


I have been asked by members of my private group as well as some on my protected Twitter account to commence writing on that one. I will be writing there about what I had originally intended the blog be used for. I will NOT however, be discussing the ongoing debate between me and the blog of the stalker who has a fixation on me.

That will be the SOLE purpose of this blog, IE: to address the misinformation he continues to put forth. The frequency of my response to his gibberish will decrease considerably as I do not feel that paying that much attention to that jerk is productive.

I have better things to do.

See you on the other side.


Neither of us is going to budge and you certainly have a closed mind. Go ahead with your fake research. Nothing I can do about it anyway.


You have made the same excuse you accuse me of making. It is your word against the cops and yes, I do stand by with the conversation you had with me when you TRICKED me into thinking you were contacting me about a genuine concern rather than into tricking me into trusting you.

Also, guess what? I HAD intended on either posting links or doing occasional blogs about any police misconduct I come across. Rather hard to do that now.

I may not be CNN but if one more voice can be added to thousands of voices, wrongs can be corrected.

This is SUPPOSED to be the mission of Anonymous, remember? It is the basis of their “we are many, we are one.”

But, since I am being silenced, there will be one less voice to keep an eye on the police.

You are providing no hard evidence to back up your claims and that is your right to do so. It is also my right to base my conclusions based on the lack of hard evidence which is that same thing you are telling me.

Stay tuned