I have found out that Pops otherwise known as Thomas Norman Olsen, confessed on his Russian hosted blog that he gave out the WRONG number when he thought he had posted my unlisted telephone number. The significance of this is that for quite some time now, an innocent victim’s phone number has been posted on the internet for any stranger or stalker to take advantage of.

Judging by what is happening to my phone as I write this, I doubt that poor soul is going to be able to do much with her phone (yes it is an older woman’s number pops so kindly gave out) since it is probably clogged with profane voice mails as mine is at the moment.

This is not the first time Pop’s team has screwed up. His mentor posted the wrong address of my residence that caused a great deal of misery of the poor woman who does not even go on the internet.

Pops is wrong about just about everything and this latest fiasco just adds to his long list of fuck ups.

Stay tuned