Once again I remind people that I am at a distinct disadvantage. I am unable to get on the hate blog Pops is running. I do not know, for certain, why. I just know that I am unable to get on the website since he made it communist.

I also must remind people that in spite of my not being able to defend myself and am trying to move on, Pops and his fellow haters will have none of it. I have tried to ignore them and that has not worked. I even closed my account and they were not satisfied with that either.

Even though, once again, I am going to try and move on, I know they will not stop.

So while I live a real life, and try and put all of this behind me, the haters will continue their hate and the trolls will continue their trolling.

The haters will continue to hate for that is all haters are capable of doing.

Stay tuned