Those members of Anonymous who might be reading this might want to check out the case number I have posted above. That one little number just might answer some questions that Pops refuse to answer.

That is a criminal case number of a rather interesting individual. He is the former husband of a former moderator of by the name of Terri Stipp.

All one needs to do is go to the website of the Lake County Clerk of the Court public records division and do a case search using that number.

You will see who it is that, by extension, is being assisted in retaliating against me because I would not allow his ex wife defend their actions on my former chat site.

The reader will find that he had sex with the former Websleuths administrator on a kitchen table and had under aged children watch them in the act.

He even took pictures of the former Websleuths administrator’s sex organ with the kids watching in the background.

Now, there is something else that has been overlooked regarding this case.

1: These kids were NOT STRANGERS to either defendant.

2: There was another adult woman present who did not take any action to stop the couple from the lewd acts in front of these then minor children.

3: NOBODY, including the former moderator of has ever been held accountable for calling the kids liars, when their testimony was used to convict the male and induce the former moderator of Websleuths to testify against him and receive a suspended sentence and an extended period of probation.

4: I was accused of threatening to send the male defendant to unsuspecting women. There is a slight problem. The man DIED years before the alleged accusation was made and the women in question  knew it, including one woman, who used to be his sister in law.

Now it would be nice if some people out there would do some fact checking, but I will not be holding my breath.

Stay tuned