Mr. Thomas Norman Olsen has spread the untrue rumor that I want to kill Anonymous members. Does this moron have any idea what he has done?


Anonymous is a movement that has people that nobody knows who they are. That is the whole point of this movement. These people are untraceable. There are no background checks, there is no file on any of them.

So, if one of them wants to become a lone eagle and make a sacrifice for the “hive” I just may not be breathing much longer.

I may not be among the living anymore and in retrospect, that would be a good thing.

What is telling, however, is the people who retweeted and favorated that post.

I rather doubt they realize nor do they even care exactly what has been done by their retweeting that post. Some wish me dead which is probably what they are hoping will happen. That much is clear.

Now before you folks go and scoff what I am saying as drama, you might want to do some math.

Pops managed to snag a big fish in his quest to bring my websites down. This is not some small fry kid with a dozen or so followers. This is someone with an influence over TENS OF THOUSANDS of fellow Anonymous members.

There is no telling how many people will end up seeing that post since it will likely get retweeted thosands of times over.

Here is a term for you,


That is how fast that post will travel around the world.

All it is going to take is one idiot and Michelle will be pissing on my grave.

Stay tuned