Kim Pikazio is probably the most famous person in this group. She claims that she is not taking part in the childishness. That is what she claims anyway. She claims that she is doing her lawyer thing since, after all, that is what she does for a living.

She has a rather interesting fan base. A group of people that have nothing better to do than attack an old man.

She has no control over these group of idiots.

Or so she says.

Moving on. There were some idiots that thought I had the hots for Kim Pikazio. Pops new sock certainly went on about all sorts of things Kim Pikazio. the fact of the matter is I am around twice her age. I am nowhere near in her social circles.

I hardly Know Kim Pikazio. What I do of her I do not like.

I want no association with Kim Pikazio

I want no contact with Kim Pikazio

Enjoy your famous friend, I want no part of her.

Stay tuned