Thomas Norman Olsen is a hypocrite. He rants and raves about whoever is suspending him and screaming that he is NOT going to be removed off of the internet spends HOURS trying to get others OFF the internet. I am not the only one, apparently.

Thomas wants to be the propaganda minister on the internet who decides who and who cannot stay on line.

I am easy pickings, some of the others he is after are not. He is going to go after the wrong person one of these days and the skid marks of having his ass dragged off the internet will be visible for virtual miles.

It is one thing to go after a retired truck driver with next to no skills to counter his attacks and quite another to go after someone who has what it takes to give him a major ass whoopin.

In fact, the op against Thomas Norman Olsen might have already begun.

I would not be worrying about me Mr. Thomas, it is someone within a Hive that you have pissed off. I got wind of one of your latest stunts and I can say that it was not a real bright thing you have done.

None of this has anything to do with me. I am just being given the information. You are about to answer to the big boys instead of a tired old man.

I am going to be staying tuned for this one.