Something has always had me confused. How come nobody is after the famous mastermind behind Knightsec? From what I have been observing, this hero of the Steubenville rape case has been making a fortune off the gullible donors who have sent him hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Michelle is going on and on right now spelling out his various crimes. What I find funny is that Pops and company is completely ignoring him.

There is no “KY busted” blog, no K BUSTED twitter account. There is a pittance compared to what is being written about me.

Deric is being given a free ride and he seems to enjoy what Michelle is trying to do to him.

NOBODY is trying to get him off the internet and nobody is trying to get all of his accounts suspended.

But wait, what are the haters going to do when I am kicked off of the internet? Is he next?

Stay tuned