Yes I did make FOIA requests. I did many of these during the various cases of interest to many and did so again with Pops for one simple reason. He is a PUBLIC FIGURE. He was a major player in the Steubenville case. He has also been and still is involved in several Anonymous operations.

As such he fits the criteria of being a public figure. What I did NOT do is go out and research non issue topics such as tax records or nothing outside anything having to do with him directly.

Pops was the one who brought out the truck accident by posting the information in a tweet. It was then a simple matter to find out the info. He had stated he did not know why he had gotten the thing when it was clear on the letter. He was accused of not paying the fines he got as a result of the accident.

The second incident that came up was his arrest in Escambia county. I found out about this because someone sent me the information. Someone who I had block was attempting to contact me with the information and someone else who I did not have blocked, told me that the other person had info for me. I was then given the information and I followed up on it.

The State of Florida has these things called computers and these other things called telephones. I used both of these devices to obtain the PUBLIC information about someone who was alleged to have been arrested on charges of theft of a firearm and the rest of what has been discussed.

A local newspaper even reported on the arrest

The case is a matter of public interest because Pops by his own admission is someone of importance which in turn makes him a public figure.

That does not hold true of me. I am a retired truck driver who has a small blog and a couple of twitter sites since the third is suspended and does not look like it is going to be available anytime soon.

At least Pops and I have something in common when it comes to suspended accounts.

It is not up to Pops to decide what papers are available or not. Florida has a public records law and any records generated by his case is required to be made available to the public.

This is not only the law but it is also part of the State Constitution.

Stay tuned