You have made the same excuse you accuse me of making. It is your word against the cops and yes, I do stand by with the conversation you had with me when you TRICKED me into thinking you were contacting me about a genuine concern rather than into tricking me into trusting you.

Also, guess what? I HAD intended on either posting links or doing occasional blogs about any police misconduct I come across. Rather hard to do that now.

I may not be CNN but if one more voice can be added to thousands of voices, wrongs can be corrected.

This is SUPPOSED to be the mission of Anonymous, remember? It is the basis of their “we are many, we are one.”

But, since I am being silenced, there will be one less voice to keep an eye on the police.

You are providing no hard evidence to back up your claims and that is your right to do so. It is also my right to base my conclusions based on the lack of hard evidence which is that same thing you are telling me.

Stay tuned