Pops is whining about FOIA abuse. He refuses to answer the question regarding why he pawned the gun. The problem with this is that the police report is HARD EVIDENCE. He claims that the police falsified an official document.

The FDLE investigates police misconduct. Did Pops report this misconduct? Oh, but it is none of my business.

This, from someone who has spent YEARS delving into other’s business. He even is currently doxing a 19 year old girl.

Posted employer information on the girl’s step father. Why is anything his father does for a living any of Pop’s business? Why is her mother important enough to post her information out there.

The dispute is between him and his girlfriend and nobody else. I am sure there is an excuse coming.

By the way, doxing is abuse of public information since it is being used for harassment.

Stay tuned