Pops is doing what he did with me in the beginning. He is putting out accusations with nothing more than the results of Google searches. He nit picks. And for what. To get pleasure out of beating up on an old man.

Remember this folks. Pops is around 23 years old. I am 64. He has his whole life ahead of him. I do not have more that say 10 or 20 years at best. I am not in the best of health. If he and his young friends ever reach my age, they might find out for themselves.

I live on social security and live in an old mobile home.

Goddard and her new thug wanted one thing and they got it. They have run me into the ground. Why they are continuing with this is beyond me. I had gone private, stopped talking about them and was trying to move on. But no, they started right back in again.

First, Holly comes back at me with her false accusation that I called the company where her husband does NOT even work for. She claims someone using my name called there. Of course she is implying that it was me that called.

Pops asks for proof of things I claim when the proof is right at his finger tips. I made a large number of complaints to the Lake County Sheriff’s office. They have been to both my former Lake county and Orlando residences. They have examined this computer, my cellphone and other devices.

They found nothing. I am not under any investigation by any local, county, state or federal. agency. I have passed the most stringent background checks that are made and passed with flying colors.

Pops has spent time in jail. I have not, in my 64 years have never spent one second in a jail cell.

I have never stolen so much as a penny.

There is absolutely nothing in my background that would cause me to deserve the kind of attacks that are going on.

That, however, is all of these people live for.

No ops to bring down revenge porn king pins. No ops to help rape survivors, Not even an op to go after child pornographers. None of that.

Those ops failed miserably. Those ops named the wrong people. Those ops wound up involving innocent people. Those ops even resulted in the name of a rape survivor being plastered all over the internet.

There is nothing constructive about what these people are doing. All that Pops has done with the stalking and attacking of me is prove that he is nothing more than a bully. He can boast and rant all he wants but the bottom line, all Pops is, is a bully.

I will be waiting to see what the next set of smears are going to be.

Stay tuned