This nonsense gets brought up from time to time. I think it was Radio that started this nonsense and now Pops is repeating it.

I have stated this before but I will state it once again. I do not care where Levi goes in his career. He can be the next Brian Cooper for all I care. That is what he is going to college for. That is going to be his profession.

I WAS a small social media broadcaster. At the peak of my webcasts I drew in less than 4000 viewers. Those numbers were NOT because of me. Those numbers were because, at that time, I was the ONLY one covering the search for Caylee. Not one of the mainstream media outlets were covering it non stop. Also the concept of interactive chats that now exist was rare back then. A view could not go on chat and talk live with the broadcaster and have him talk back.

What Pops and everyone else does NOT understand is that once the search for Caylee ended, my numbers plunged. I was drawing in less than 100 participants to my interactive media site. In the broadcast world, anyone drawing in numbers like that would not even be put on the air.

The concept was unique.

In no way shape or form did I ever want to go on “tv.” There is such a thing is being too big. When I was at the peak of my webcasting the stream site was getting too big to handle. Volunteers came in to help and as it turns out it was those same volunteers that destroyed it. I wanted an interactive webcast site where perhaps a small group of friends and I could have something similar to what Arthur Godfry had.

My haters probably never heard of Arthur Godfry. He was around before most of you were ever born. He was an AM talk show host in the 50’s out of Miami. He was one of the first of the interactive talk shows.

My concept was along those lines. I had planned to live stream from the Disney parks, from the large number of attractions throughout Orlando. Go over to the Cape for the many launches planned for the next few years. I was going to stream from the visitor center.

There are various special events all over Florida that I planned to stream from. One event I was planning was an extended stream from one of the largest air shows in the country, Sun n Fun down in Lakeland.

I have had to scrap all of that. Because of the antics of those after me, I can no longer plan on doing any streams. People have either been scared off or believe the crap that has been thrown against me.

Yet, here we go again with this Levi Page nonsense. These people are insane. If you like Levi so much start a fan base. Pump him up. Give him positive feedback on the internet. The more people that are his fans the more that will help build up his resume.

Levi will likely become a big name in both the mainstream and internet media. I do not know what his plans are, but he has a lot of talent and potential.

I may dislike Levi intensely but I do not lie about him either. If he makes the right decisions, he will go far in whatever he plans on doing. He has the youth and the drive. All he needs to do is remain focused.

The claims by Pops and others is absolute nonsense.

Stay tuned.