I thought that I would throw this little tid bit out there to show that the attacks on me are without merit when it comes to saying I want to be like Levi Page.

It all boils down to Demographics. This is a term applied by the media and in business to determine the age group they are reaching or are trying to reach. This is how they make MONEY. They want to direct their advertizing towards that group and that is also how they select which ad to put where.

Pay attention to the commercials that air during the show you watch to see how this works.

Now what does this have to do with me? It is quite simple, really. This has to do with my intended audience. My streams have always been aimed at people around MY age and older. This would be people above the age of 62.

The demographic for people like Levi  Page and so forth are mostly below 60 with the largest audience being at around 30 and under.

It is this demographic that makes clear that I am not after what Levi is doing or will do. The vast majority of those who watched my stream were of my age range. Few were under 60.

It is demographics alone that shoots down most of my haters arguments.

As for making money off of the streams, the demographic is also wrong. Most of the people in my age range are living on retirement income. They do not have extra money to send to a complete stranger doing a webcast.

Stay tuned