Thomas, in his blog scoffs me over bringing up MonoxideMMAC in my article regarding a pedophile being the primary cause of my current situation.

If you were capable of Deductive reasoning, pops, the whole thing would be absolutely clear.

I guess your main girlfriend AG did not give you the scoop of Mr. Monoxide.

I am going to devote a complete article to this weasel so that people understand just who it is that started all of this and why a pedophile still remains loose out there because he did someone a favor.

The other names I have mentioned in one article are also associated with child pornography. One of them is actually serving 20 years in a Conn. prison because of thousands of images found on his computer. He was a HIGH PROFILE member of Anonymous and everyone knows about him. He was the KFCFAN sock that came after me.

Stay tuned