For someone who lives in Florida, you sure do not know how things work. Remember that excuse you gave regarding the bench warrant?

The “suspension” as you call it is a common problem with the way Florida handles their paperwork. The fine was paid but the payment record did not catch up with Tallahassee and they sent me a piece of paper that said my license WOULD be suspended if I did not pay the fine.

Since I already paid the fine, I drove down to Tavares WITH THE RECEIPT and gave it to the DMV clerk who then faxed the proof to Tallahassee. The funny thing was that the suspension had been lifted.

IF you want to say that I lied about the tickets then fine, I will take the rap. I do not have a photographic memory and do not daily check my records.

Again we are talking about small potatoes here, but there is no reasoning with someone like you.

Keep digging if you wish. Someday you are going to find the one thing that will make you regret that you trashed my reputation.

Stay tuned