There is indeed a cover up, Mr sock and you know exactly what it is. Holly got caught in a major lie and had to turn to you for help. The accusation that Holly made against me is an all out lie. Remember her words in one of her latest tweets?

“if you cause my husband to lose his job” And she also said “called the company where my husband WORKS”


John worked out of the Newton Falls, Ohio terminal. If you follow the steps I outlined in the essay I wrote, you will find out that everything I said about the incident is TRUE.

WHY he was fired (and yes an arranged departure from a company IS a form of being fired) is clear if people just get off of their lazy asses and find it. I am keeping that information on file in case Holly tries to pull a fast one.

For someone who claims to be a member of Anonymous, you still do not get what Anonymous is. It seems that the members of Anonymous do not understand what it is either. Therein is part of the problem.

A close friend of one of the more well known “Steubenville anons” who actually knows what Anonymous works went over this with me thoroughly.

It was the more famous Anonymous whose first name is Steve, that actually did what you refused to do. He checked my background and did so THOROUGHLY.

He actually APOLOGIZED for what he had done.

You are actually gloating because you helped perpetuate a lie. You blindly believe every negative thing written about me and some others because you do not want to. If you knew the truth, which you do, you would be forced to admit you were wrong about me and that a 52 year old woman is misleading you and playing you like a bass fiddle.

Taking all my social media accounts off line is not going to hide the fact that I have been telling the truth all along.

Your problem, Thomas Norman Olsen, is that you do not want to hear it.

Stay tuned