In the first the last half of the last decade a certain member of Websleuths was seen making comments on various forums on that website. His prominence on Websleuths gradually grew as more and more people became aware of his existence.

There were other ” people” on Websleuths that were getting more well known and it was that fame that would be their downfall. Monoxide and some other people involved in certain events were soon part of a group of the “mass banned.”

This banning incident was widely known and caused a lot of debate and some of that debate lasts to this day. Those who got banned from Websleuths were angry and felt they did not deserve to be band. The obvious happened as new blogs and forums soon sprang up.

At least one of these forums was operated by Joshua Wayne Melton, otherwise known as MonoxideMMAC.

The MMAC comes from his interest in Mixed Martial Arts. Anyone who has seen a photo of him would see that he did not do so well in that sport.

Monoxide’s forum was rather interesting and would have been fodder for one of the OPS that Pops seems to like to get interested in as he played and demeaned women and even his own mothers in extreme ways that are not seen today, or at least not yet.

The first sign on Monoxide getting involved in Missing child cases was on a forum out of Tampa, Florida. After that case died down, he had the stroke stroke of luck to be at the right place at the right time when Trenton Duckett went missing from his mother’s apartment in Leesburg, Florida. Monoxide, you see, lived within a mile of the resident’s of his grandmother’s mobile home in Fruitland Park, Florida. As fate would have it, he also lived within a couple of miles of a mobile home where Terri Stipp used to reside who was an administrator at Websleuths and whose story is well known.

Monoxide, because of his knowledge of the area (he moved out of Florida) soon got into the middle of following the case just before I did.

As some of the more “well known” events concerning that case, some rather odd things started to happen. I will not go into too much detail here but some of the same things that happened in the Casey Anthony case got their start with this case.

Monoxide’s games have gone undetected because people never bothered to to do their homework. Interest in the Duckett began to wane as it was clear that the Mother had either given him away or murdered him.

When Caylee Anthony went missing and the early details of the case began to take place, Monoxide started his Forum and his antics soon took off. It was shortly after my mobile live streams started getting widespread attention that things started to happen. Michelle McKee and Alex Goddard came out of NOWHERE and started in on attacking me.

At that time, I had NO idea who they were. I did not even learn they were attacking me until I started getting e-mail of the articles she had been writing about me.

It was not long after the attacks by Goddard of me, that messages from Anonymous started showing up on my chat. My chat began to be spammed and disrupted to a point where none of my 1200 viewers were able to use the chat.

I began to get bombarded with private message requests, first from KFCFAN, RENZOLOVESCAKE, and then by at least 20 other usernames that were just letter and number combinations.

I was also getting the same kind of requests on my AOL chat that I had running at that time.

It was soon after efforts by Goddard and McKee to shut down my stream that the mysterious PM’s appeared on HER forum.

I only found out about the existence of these things when someone put the link into my chat. Unfortunately I could not read them because Goddard had me blocked from reading them. It was Goddard’s version of being in protect mode.

I had assumed that, at that time, the links were to one of several short conversations I had with the author of the ORIGINAL PM’s

I have written about this before but I am going to say ONCE AGAIN, that the PM’s that Goddard published WERE NOT the ones I had. The PM’s that Goddard published never took place.

NONE of the conversations I had with the person whose username appears in the published PM’s lasted more than 10 lines total. The inappropriate things I said in my angry retort to this person or persons were racial epitaths. I am not proud of that, but I was angry at what the person was writing and they made it clear they were making themselves appear to be a member of certain races.

At NO time did I ever make the references to stalking children or wanting to kill them. It is that part of the PM’s that were fabricated.

It was admitted by the spokesperson for the family of Trenton Duckett that she had been sandbagged and now she believes that the whole PM thing is a hoax.

When she made her feelings publicly known, both Goddard and McKee attacked her and continue to do so.

McGee even went so far as to accuse the woman of unethical acts in relation to that case.

The messages found their way to both the Leesburg City Police department who dismissed them outright and to the Lake and Orange county sheriff’s department who outright dismissed them as well.

Shortly after the incident there were several blogs written about Monoxide because the women who were members of his forum.

It was in one of those blogs that he admitted to having a part in the creation of the fake PM’s. I would also learn over the months and eventually years of looking into this that it was likely a now deceased moderator of one of my chat sites that gave out log on information that made the creation of the PM’s possible.

It has been known for quite some time that Monoxide has been suspected in being around child porn as well as with some of the hardest porn one can get off of where he spent hours exploring the various offerings on that website and where he got wind of Anonymous and eventually got involved with them.

Those who blogged about him went into his affiliation with Anonymous and with wanting to impress the more prominent usernames that appeared on 4chan.

Those names I have mentioned time and again were those he associated with. Monoxide also had strong ties with both Goddard and McKee. Proof of that was on the now non existent blog Goddard ran.

As time passed, the now deceased administrator and other soon admitted that they were behind efforts to bring my stream to a halt.

In closing, I will offer my opinion as to the REAL reason the attacks started against me. It has NOTHING to do with donations. It had to do, instead, with the refusal to go in a speaking tour with a woman who wanted to write a book about the Casey Anthony trial. THAT story is well known.

The problem is, that both Goddard and McKee who knew this person quite well will not do that because they took part in helping this woman with her actions.

As for MonoxideMMAC, soon after he put links to child pornography on Lenny P’s chat site about Caylee on Ustream, people turned against him and he soon vanished from the internet. He was investigated for that incident and I am not clear as to the outcome.

The GENUINE MonoxideMMAC is nowhere to be found. Other than a few impersonations of the username, Monoxide has faded into obscurity.

Now, Anonymous has some real good detectives, so why not do your own investigation and find out just what happened to this piece of work.

This is one little twerp that deserves an op against him regardless of what you think about me.

Anonymous and POPS claim to be against pedophiles and abusers of women, it is now time to step up to the plate and prove it.

Stay tuned