In looking over the posts this evening I was quite interested to see that so many are so willing to look past so many lies that were obvious in their quest to do one thing, defeat the truth.

The liars and the cheaters are still dancing their victory dance.

For years, the truth about what happened to me has been out there if only there was someone who were willing to look for it. Very few were. When the truth was found, all I got was a private message or e-mail saying that they believe what I told them was the truth.

Rather than help, most just stood aside and watched as the same lies were repeated and more were added. It is this kind of complacency that gives the thugs and bullies power.

Because of this defeat of the truth, I can do nothing but write on this obscure blog, or if this gets shut down for some reason, start yet another one to expose their same lies once again.

If by chance that someday, someone happens to read this article, remember this, I have been the target of one of the most elaborate and thorough smear campaigns played out on social media.

Those who have the power and ability to do so can check through sources OTHER than social media for the truth.

For now, truth has run into a road block for the liars and the cheaters have won the day.

Stay tuned