For someone who lives in the State of Florida and has seen some rather high profile laws play out here, I am surprised that Thomas included in his screen shots my remark regarding my having my Glock at the ready.

This, by the way driving around with a stolen firearm in his fathers truck which was also reported stolen. Yes I know about your little deal but you DID have a GUN with you until you PAWNED it.

NOBODY knows who the members of Anonymous are. If someone comes barging into my house wearing one of those stupid masks, they are leaving here in a body bag. It is simple as that.

Remember, Pops what YOU said in regards to members of the military showing up at YOUR door. You even added cops to the equation.

Florida has BOTH The Castle Doctrine AND the Stand your Ground law. George Zimmerman was acquitted of the charges against him even though he went after the young man he eventually shot and killed.

IF someone comes into this house wearing that mask, I am within my rights to defend my household and my own life.

Not only would I be found not guilty, I would not even be arrested.

It was NOT a death threat Pops, it was a WARNING. The exact SAME one you made.

Stay tuned