Thomas Norman Olsen is going on about the block of his sock account by Astro. Now why is this so important? I do not know. Astro and I followed each other until recently. All she had on her twitter profile were links to interesting websites.

There was nothing on her twitter log that would be of concern to anyone. In fact, some of the things that were on her twitter log were rather interesting.

The reason she blocked Thomas is that she simply  wanted to be left alone. She is as frustrated over the antics of Thomas and his fellow liars as  are others who have blocked Thomas’s various sock accounts.

Astro recently blocked and unfollowed me as well. She is convinced that i am working for noted atty Kim P (I use her last name initial only because I keep misspelling her name) and am feeding her any private messages or e mails that I have with her.

Once again, I have to state that I am not, I never have, nor will ever work for or with Kim P. I have learned enough about Kim in the past year that makes me wonder why she ever got into the legal profession in the first place.

In my opinion, she does not take her oath seriously and some of the things she got involved in has changed my point of view of the legal profession as a whole.

Someone” and I have a feeling I know who, created a sock account pretending to be Astro’s husband and embarked on one of the more extreme cases of bullying of a woman that I have seen in quite a while.

The content of that sock account was extreme, disgusting and cruel. No decent person would have done this to a woman they hardly know. But then again, those attacking Astro are not decent people.

If this had been done to one of Thomas’s “friends”, he would have gone into an internet rage and we would never hear the end of it.

The torment of these people of Astro had the effect they wanted. She has blocked me out of frustration and we do not communicate as a direct result of that account. She simply could not take the cruelty of her stalkers anymore.

Astro is yet another married housewife whose only guilt was caring about the fate of Haleigh cummings. For some unknown reason others involved in that case attacked her for almost a decade the same way they attacked me.

Nobody has ever shown me anything that would explain why she has been dragged through the mud for all of these years.

Now there are those out there who call me a woman hater because I stand up the the false accusations made to me BY WOMEN and yet, stand by while women like Astro are tormented to the verge of a nervous breakdown.

I wish Astro well and I hope she gets over the pain that came from simply caring for a missing child.

Stay tuned