I find this one rather strange considering what is currently going on in regards to the Steubenville case and the various donation drives concerning jailed Anonymous members. I resisted asking for donations for quite a long time. I did not get involved in the cases to make money. I wanted to provide something unique to those watching my webcasts.

There were people that WANTED to donate. I finally relented and some small donations did come in. Someone was kind enough to pay for one night at the hotel and did buy me one meal. Other small donations were made briefly but the amounts were extremely small.

I have written at least two articles about this issue and I am certain you have found them on my blog.

In no way shape or form have I made the vast amounts of money that anyone has claimed. Just the opposite, it cost me a fortune to run the van and I also lost revenue from my business because I took time off to cover the case non stop for several weeks.

Now to go address whatever recycled nonsense this contributor is coming up with.

OH, and your HARD EVIDENCE that I have seen so far are no more than comments (opinions) from people long gone or forgotten. Opinions are not hard evidence. Someone saw something dirty in a girl chatting with the roomies while sitting in the van. She was NOT sitting on anyones’s lap. I was out side talking to SANTA CLAUS.

What the so called hard evidence failed to mention is that this was a Christmas DONATION drive to get presents for the poor kids who may not otherwise get presents. The donation drive was sponsored by THE CITY OF SAINT CLOUD POLICE DEPARTMENT. Santa Claus, by the way was THE CHIEF OF POLICE.

The city has this function every year.

Stay tuned