I am 64 years old. I have lived a highly active life. I have made mistakes as I have passed trough these years. But I have NOT made any mistakes to justify being subjected to the kind of internet yellow journalism. What gripes people like Pops and others as no matter how deeply they did, they cannot find the evidence that I have done anything near what the most serious accusations that have been made against me.

First and foremost I HAVE NEVER BEEN CONVICTED OR EVEN CHARGED WITH A CRIME. Not even a minor one. Not as an adult and not as a minor either. My record is squeaky clean.

I worked hard for what I had. The attacks on me started a decade ago by COMPLETE STRANGERS. I do not know for certain what started this but in those 10 years they got so desperate that they had to make things up to try and stick on me and that did not even work.

I will continue to do what I have done for the past decade. I will address these issues. I will not ignore them. If my mistakes are brought out, I will own up to them. I always have.

My haters want to make you believe that they never made any mistakes or did anything wrong. That is the difference between them and me.

I await this so called hard evidence that I have been threatened with. Can others say the same thing if hard evidence against them surfaces?

Stay tuned