Here we go with people blaming socks on me again. Oh good grief. All of a sudden Pops has become an expert in linguistics. He thinks that because someone uses the word Poops or makes certain references that it is me behind the sock account.

This shows his major flaw as “an internet detective” and also why I came down so hard on those in Anonymous who became involved in this nonsensical op that Pops started.

Pop’s investigative skills suck to the point where they simply do not exist. He relies SOLELY on Google search and the bullshit his various girlfriends feed him.

He does not come even close to fact checking.

A primary piece of evidence lies in this nonsense over sock accounts.

Kim P told me that she has this elaborate software program that is able to tell her EXACTLY who is behind any given sock she decides to trace.

She has yet to produce on tiny bit of evidence to back up her claim. This brings me back to Pops and Anonymous.

Now anyone who knows anything about Anonymous knows there are those within the movement who are fairly good with computers AND with software. Proof of this is in the outing of someone calling himself Ghostanon.

I am certain there is someone from Anonymous, if they were inclined to do so, who could find out exactly who it is behind these socks.

I, for one, would like to find out who it is.

Something tells me that I have to look no farther than Milton, Florida for my answer.

The answer is certainly NOT in the Netherlands.

Stay tuned