Pops has managed to beat the rap, if what he says is true. He did so with someone I call an enabler and I have told her as much. What Pops has been offered is fairly common. The problem with offers of this kind is that most who are given this huge break often re offend.

The deal the prosecutor offered him is actually fairly common and one that I expected. I am a bit surprised that a weapons charge would be taken so lightly but this is Florida, after all. People seem to be able to commit murder here and go free. Just look at George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony.

THOUSANDS of deals like this one are made throughout the country every day. There is the ongoing problem of prison overcrowding and effective lawyering that are allowing criminals to walk our streets only to re offend once again.

Keeping ones nose clean after having such serious charges levied against him takes an extreme amount of effort to resist temptation. From what Kim told me, Pops has had a rater interesting time up there in Milton.

It will be up to Pops to prove himself. All it will take is for him to make ONE mistake and he is done.

It looks like Kim has a LOT of baby sitting to do.

Stay tuned.