What about the tax lein? This is another example of Holly sticking her nose where it does not belong. Yes I have a tax lien. This is old news. I think there are several MILLION people who have tax problems of one kind or another. The situation is so bad that there are commercials playing on tv and the radio almost hourly offering to negotiate with the IRS to eliminate most of your tax bill.

I also get mail from tax attys wanting to help and also get phone solicitations. I went to the local IRS office and went through the standard process one goes through. They determined that I do not have enough taxes to warrant any collection efforts. The tax lien is there in case I win the lottery or come into enough money to satisfy the lien.

One final point. If All of you had stayed OUT of my business so many years ago, there would not have been any tax debt. I used to pay more in quarterly taxes than my annual income for social security. Now  I live in poverty on social security.

If you think social security pays a lot, you should try living on it.

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