The following has to be absolutely the dumbest thing I have ever heard come out of the mouth of Thomas Norman Olsen.

“All ill say about the above link is this. Its an obvious ploy to draw our attention away from him onto somebody who has already been prosecuted for the actions Murt accuses him of doing.”

Who got prosecuted?

No, Tommy, I was making a point about our legal system in Florida as well as in most parts of the country. With the exception of the weapons charge, your case is not all that monumental and since it involves family, any statement they make regarding mitigation would be considered by the court and the prosecution as well.

It was fairly obvious to me that there was a good chance that you would be offered some kind of a deal. What you wound up with is what amounts to a slap of the wrist.

Pops beat the rap at least for now so that part of the debate is over.

Stay tuned