Thanks to the boasting of Pops just a short while ago it seems that both Mlee and Astro were dead on in their claims that Kim P was somehow deeply involved in the goings on in the various social media cases involving certain individuals.

I will not go into too much detail but one detail came out thanks to Mr. Olsen:

“What Murt doesn’t know is that Kim had dealed with the individual that made the phone call. She had contacted him and he agreed to leave me alone and not have anymore contact.” Thomas Olsen.

Now, considering that Kim had bailed him out of jail and was instrumental in getting him the outstanding deal he got, is a fairly recent event, some might dismiss that as someone who just wanted to help out a friend of a friend.

Well, unfortunately Pops let something slip that changes the equation completely. He stated that the incident happened in 2013. This was over THREE YEARS AGO. This means that Kim was intervening in things that far back. A lot of interesting things were going on in 2013 and BOTH Mary and Astro, as well as others know what was going on in the open and can only speculate what has been going on in PRIVATE.

Now everything with the exception of Steubenville has to do with FLORIDA events and connections. In the past I have dismissed what Mary and others have speculated about KIM as crack pot theories and had cut off all contact with Mary.

This might have turned out to be a mistake.

Stay tuned