So far the only thing I have seen is another accusation that I am the king of sock creators. If this is the new contributer, his name has SOCK within it which fits.

Then I am supposed to do a 5 things essay.

I am not sure how important these things have to be to make this list. I will list a few things, unimportant as they might be for those to ponder.

I assisted the woman across the street by bringing in her groceries for her. She is disabled and cannot carry things into her house. Because she fell and seriously injured herself, she is in the hospital. I care for her lawn from time to time and keep an eye on the place.

I did take a red cross CPR course but have never had to use it. That reminds me that I have to take a refresher course as recommended to make sure I do it right if necessary.

I recently took a woman to her house, 20 miles from where her car broke down. She was a complete stranger and I turned down her offer to pay.

Every once in a while, A car will stall in the middle of the road and me and some other drivers will push the car off the road so that the person can find help to fix it or at least it is out of the road.

I helped a woman in the park catch her dog that had gotten out.

One more than one occasion I have helped out by giving someone a jump start. I carry a jump box which is like a portable battery in a box.

Helped someone change a tire that did not have a jack. I always carry one.

I have donated small amounts to the Salvation army, purchased things from various sport team charity drives, cookies and that sort of thing.

Cannot donate large amounts of money as I do not have that much.

I did help out an over the road trucker who could not find a place he was supposed to deliver by having him follow me to the location. I also helped him with finding the receiver and guided him while backing into the loading dock.

None of these things are important but these are things I have done and continue to do.

I did file a complaint regarding a dox against a woman at least three times at Pops request.

I also tried to come to the defense of a woman whose children were threatened. That one was not a wise thing for me to have done.

Stay tuned