This new “detective” is another failure when it comes to fact checking information.

Re, the tire: I had one tire that was starting to fall apart. This happened on a Sunday. I DID NOT ASK FOR MONEY. What people did WITHOUT ASKING was to call around to see of someplace was open to get it fixed. Since this was late on a Sunday, nobody was open. I SLOWLY drove the van the 25 miles to the house and was able to put a spare on it that I had at the house.


The story of the bench is an interesting one. IT WAS THE PEOPLE IN THE ROOM THAT  WANTED TO DO SOMETHING IN MEMORY OF CAYLEE. That is when the bench idea first surfaced. I was talked into spearheading the effort and with the help of two other people in the room handled the funding of the bench. And this is how it worked.

I want to the department that handled the benches. I told them what we wanted to do. The two people then took the names and the amounts donated and as far as I know, at least one of them has the records.

The next step was to order the bench and pay for it. The donations FELL SHORT, even with a large donation that was PERSONALLY handed to me. I MADE UP THE REST.

I had offered to pay the entire cost of the bench but the “roomies” would have none of it. They wanted to be part of this.

I went and paid for the bench and placed the order. After a week passed by, I was called back to the bench representative. Apparently someone by the name of SG had spearheaded a drive to have people call the department of parks and recreation and tell them not to allow the bench to be placed there.

The representative told me that there had been a committee meeting and they decided to turn down the request for the bench.

They then refunded me the money.

That evening, I went into the room and told everyone what had happened and offered to refund all of the money. All but two turned down my request. One woman asked I take her portion of the donations and requested that I send the money to a woman who was into Rescuing and adopting dogs and could use the money for dog food.

The other person was sent back his $5.00. At some point that evening it was suggested that I donate the money to the Cummings as this was around the time Haleigh went missing. I drove to the search tent and found the Sheriff office representative that was acting on the families behalf and told them of the donation. After a short wait, the representative requested I give the money to Texas Equusearch. The funds were handed over to a representative of that organization.

When SG got wind of this, there was a rather odd reaction that I still do not understand but then again, a lot of strange things about this case are strange.

Anyhow, that is the truth about the bench. If I had it to do over again, I would never get involved in such a thing again. It is a royal pain in the ass and it has cost me dearly ever since.

Stay tuned