Yes, Pops, the Canadian you mentioned is a good friend of mine. We share a common interest in aircraft. With that said, I do NOT condone anyone making death threats, be they a friend or not. On the other hand, based on Pop’s track record, I do not take the claim at face value.

Now Pops brings up the atty client problem that would prevent Kim commenting on the accusation and her actions regarding the phone call.

There is a slight problem. First, Pops can waive that restriction and allow Kim to make limited comments about if she did or did NOT make such a call.

The second problem for Pops is this, I am quite familiar with Canadian law since a person who “swatted”me also lives in Canada.

I did talk to both my local authorities and Canadian authorities about that individual. The matter was easily dealt with.

Now, Pops has made a SERIOUS accusation against a resident of Canada. He had better provide absolute proof since if that citizen chose to do so, he could be charged with Criminal Defamation. The laws in Canada regarding Criminal Defamation are far more serious in this country and those laws are strictly enforced. Since the accusation comes from a foreign national is even more offensive to Canadians and they tend to do something about them.

Both countries have what is known as an extradition treaty. As long as He was not going to be charged with a death penalty case, the process is not quite that hard and by having a high profile atty at his beck and call, that process might have been able to be expedited.

I will be contacting the individual in question to either confirm or deny Pop’s accusation and will advise him on Canadian law if he does not know that already.

Stay tuned