I guess in your short career, you never got pulled over for a random DOT check. Remember that excuse you made about not having proof of insurance? Mine was because I was not carrying my medical card. I paid the fine, no points, no ACCIDENTS.

I think I also got one because of a mud flap fell off and the company paid that one.

You barely got out of trucking school and you wrecked a truck. In the 40 years of driving, I have NO chargeable accidents on my record. Not a single one. I certainly have NEVER had a bench warrant issued against me.

You never did supply an accident report to back up that bullshit story of yours.

Oh, and since you see that it is ok to be going around and checking public records about my trucking and other matters, that kind of sinks Holly’s wise crack about following your court case which is a public event.

Stay tuned