The best example of what the future is for anyone on or off the internet was made clear by people like Thomas Norman Olsen and Anonymous. 

Just before he was arrested Tommy boy broke up with his 19 year old girlfriend.

Does he part with her and wish her well?


He makes a dox of her, her parents and friends.

He puts out every piece of information about her out there. All her social links. Personal contact information. Information about her family and anyone important associated with her.

He adds the reason for this stunt within the dox. He claims she lied to him.

I thought women did not lie, Pops.

He claims she lied about being raped.

Women lie about being raped?

Now there is this interesting piece of trivia. Most of those who associate with Thomas are women with offspring either around the same age as this 19 year old or within the same generation.

I even came to the defense of one of them when she claimed her children were being threatened by another single parent. That turned out to be an error in judgement on my part.

There IS going to be the day when their off spring gets involved in relationships and there will be break ups.

What are THESE parents going to do when it is THEIR child gets doxed? What are THESE parents going to do when  THEIR employer information is in the dox?

Depending on the skill set of the person making the dox, that information can be extremely thourough.

Do you have a car financed? Hold a mortgage? Have credit problems? Any other secrets? Nude photos, perhaps?

All of that WILL wind up on the internet.

What are these PARENTS going to do when Their spouse’s personal information is in the dox?

Those parents friends and family are not immune even if they are NOT on the internet.

We live in the information age. If someone wants information on anyone, even if they are not on the internet, they will get it.

Anonymous and everyone else complains about our government gathering information on all of us. Who needs the CIA?

ISIS is probing the internet trying to get information on potential targets as are other terrorists. The dox that people like Pops are putting up is a gold mine for them. A lot of time and effort by ISIS and the other terrorists will be made easy thanks to these people.

And what about criminals looking for ways to steal from people? Again the doxing is a gold mine. It is the ultimate data mining tool.

No more digging in garbage cans or stealing mail. The same info is now available courtesy of someone pissed off about a break up or anything else for that matter .

People like Pops and Anonymous are doing their work for them and it is not costing the government or the crooks a dime.