The Anonymous thugs got things a bit wrong. I did say that I am not going to be doing any public Webcasting or use the Murthaven twitter account as a companion chat site for the stream.

For some strange reason, Anonymous has a problem with me posting pictures of planes, trains and automobiles.

What Anonymous has against planes, trains, and automobile is a bit confusing but so is Anonymous.

For the time being, the other blog is on hold. It really is not worth fighting a group of immature bullies that can dish it out but cannot take it, as the old saying goes.

This is going to be my primary blog. The form it is going to take is undetermined although I will be addressing any false claims that are made about me as well as any subject having to do with individuals connected with the extortion against me that has taken place.

Do not think for a second that if I ever get completely off of the internet, that this is the end.

I AM going to get even with EVERYONE involved in this  extortion no matter how long it takes.

Stay tuned