ferrelimageI know that nobody is going to care about this since honesty is not in the cards for these people, but it IS the primary reason for the attacks against me. HB knows that I know that there was no call to Ferrellgas. She had weeks to provide proof and refused to do so.

There is a simple reason why this is not true. Her husband DOES NOT WORK FOR Ferralgas. His employment ended with Ferrallgas over two YEARS ago.

It is rather hard to get someone fired from a job he does not have.

Right after I posted “Times up.” regarding the generous amount of time I gave Holly to come up with the truth, I contacted the local terminal of Farrallgas to find out who I should call to find out if any call was made to the company.

I had a problem, you see. I DID NOT KNOW THE TERMINAL LOCATION WHERE HE WORKED. This is a huge company with terminals all over Ohio. A whole LOT of them.

I was directed to the corporate headquarters in Oakland Park Kansas.


When I explained my situation to the executive there. I was given another number to the district offices in Ohio where I once again talked to an executive (the vp of operations) who told me that someone from the company would contact me soon.

The next day I was contacted by the person who used to be JB’s supervisor who I informed of the accusation that HB made against me.

It was at this time that I learned that JB USED to work at the Newton Falls, Ohio terminal.


He asked me when the alleged call took place and I told him.

It was then that he informed me that JB has not been with the company for several years and his departure was a brokered one.

I asked him some other questions relating to how calls complaining about drivers are handled.

One thing he did make clear is that JB’s departure from Ferrallgas was NOT because of any call in complaints. The circumstances involved had nothing to do with any customer complaint of any kind.

At the end of that day, I got yet another call from an executive and we discussed the matter further.

As of this time, I am expecting another phone call from the company within a few days.

Depending on that call and if this blog is still in operation, the details of that call will be published.

Once things are completed with Ferrallgas, I will turn my attention to addressing regress having to do with the damage done by HB’s false accusations and other actions against me.

Stay tuned


Stay Tuned