One of the problems with Anonymous is that they get involved in #ops without doing their homework. Their attacks against me has a major flaw.

Almost ALL of the material that has been used against me or created impersonating me was the work of an accused pedophile with the Anonymous handle MonoxideMMAC. He is said to be the creator of fake conversations at the best of AG when she operated the blog.

Monoxide also engaged in the practice of placing child porn on a chat run by an officer of the court having to do with chat about the then missing Caylee Anthony.

Anonymous might also want to check out the following usernames:



The above individuals are, or were affiliated with as well as other “chan” websites and were closely linked to child porn that was posted on unsuspecting victim’s social media sites.

One again Anonymous has gotten involved in a sloppy operation at the behest of those people who are not completely honest about who they are and who they affiliate themselves with.

Stay tuned