These relentless attacks of me started when I confronted Holly to offer proof that I called her husbands company to get him fired. Despite WEEKS of demands to do so, Holly not only has refused to offer proof of her accusations but has gone to the extremes to silence me for she knows that there was no call.

NOBODY has called the company to get him fired. NOBODY called the company and used MY NAME to report him for drinking.

Holly is a liar and is trying desperate to silence me so that the truth about her lie does not spread. The problem is that eventually the truth behind the call issue will come out and people will know once and for all just how extensive the lies that Holly told about the call to her husband’s employer really are.

I would be surprised if those who are friends with Holly know just how extensive her lies about that incident really are.

gastrkSomeday, down the road, everyone is going to be in for one hell of a big surprise.

Stay Tuned