gastrkI have a question for all of my haters. What is going to be your reaction someday WHEN I prove that what Holly was saying about the call to her husband’s employer, Ferrellgas is an outright lie.

What is going to be the reaction out there when I offer clear cut proof that I NEVER called Ferrellgas to try and get her husband fired by reporting him drunk?

What will Pops do?

What will Levi do?

What about the rest of you?

ferrelimageWHEN I provide clear cut proof that Holly is lying about that call, what will you do.

Are you going to offer excuses to mitigate what she has done?

Do any of you even care that Holly has provided NO proof to back up her accusation?

Are you going to CONDONE her lies?

I really would like to know. My future plans regarding this incident depends on your answers.

Stay tuned