Pops screwed up again and trash talked his girlfriend in the process. It was his girlfriend who posted this link before I wrote my article on why my Murthaven twitter account went down.


The article had to do with the Feb 2, 2015 locking  of thousands of Twitter due to a SOFTWARE flaw that is supposed to prevent aggressive following and other kinds of trolling. Twitter resolved the problem then and will solve it this time.

Since this was just over a month ago, the incident was fairly recent.

If the account is not restored, I will simply use another social media site, as I have stated before, for the companion to my Murthavenflorida.com website.

Twitter is not the only  chat site out there. There are rumors that MLM is migrating over to KIK. That service is always an option but there are better ones out there.

I would suggest that HB read the ENTIRE linked article. She might actually learn something.

“It’s unclear whether this is intentional on Twitter’s part, or if it’s an automated tool getting a bit overzealous.

Update: It was the latter. Twitter is currently working on the issue.”

For those with intellectual disabilities, it means the software screwed up.

Stay tuned