While Pops goes off and boasts he has all the answers, out of the blue comes the TRUTH and from an unexpected source. It turns out I was dead on. What some people do not realize is that Twitter is not some big city where we go down roads and highways in our little twitter mobiles.

Twitter is nothing but a mass of machines. They are called servers. And all of us reside on one or more of these servers as microscopic bits of data. A massive collection of ones and zeros all mixed together to keep us on on line ready to do the things we do.

What the woman who pointed out as proof of the truth does not understand is that it was SOFTWARE that locked  THOUSANDS of people out, as it has done before was a piece of AUTOMATED software that sometimes mistakenly locks up an account when we hit one too many followers.


There is not some little man or woman sitting in front of a computer monitoring millions of account holders interact with each other. It is a program nestled somewhere on Twitters vast network waiting for that one last follow to come in and with a line of code, lock the account of the unsuspecting victim.

There seems to be a MASSIVE spike in the number of users complaining about their accounts being locked right now.

It’s unclear whether this is intentional on Twitter’s part, or if it’s an automated tool getting a bit overzealous.

Update: It was the latter. Twitter is currently working on the issue.”

Translation “it was a piece of software that was not very well written.”

Now Twitter has stated that they are working on the “problem” and that ALL accounts will be restored, including my only unprotected account.

So now all of my stalkers can stop your little victory dance and go sulking off to wash all of those eggs off your faces.

Stay Tuned