Since someone thought it would be cute to file a false DMCA complaint against a photo I posted on Facebook, It might be noted where the photo she “borrowed” to make the image came from. I have notified Facebook that the original image of Sheryl came off of her personal Facebook page. The photo is also placed on another copyrighted image, namely this one:

What someone does not realize is that by using that image and that if my girlfriend she has committed TWO violations of copyrights. I have notified the owners of the Boss Hogg image of Holly’s infringement and where the photo is displayed on the internet.


It is violation of  the rights of the copyright holder to alter the image in any way. The boss hog image has a REGISTERED copyright which brings with it more severe ramifications from the rightful owner than when the rights of a personal copyright are violated.

There are strong ramifications from filing DMCA complaints as noted in this article:

This is not the first time Holly has pulled a stunt like this. I am sure that many might remember the fake death threat letter she used to try and frame Brianne. When I posted a screen shot of that post, I was hit with a DMCA from HOLLY. She of course, denied it. It took a while to get WordPress to restore my blog.

Holly seems to have intensified her attacks in this manner. I guess she did not want the proof of her bullying to be put on Facebook and had the image removed.

Well, there are ways around these stunts by her. I am not done with these people by a long shot.

By the way, now that I am no longer able to get on Facebook, I guess I will have to find something else to do with my time.

Now what do you suppose I can do with all of this free time on my hands?

Stay tuned