It has been brought to my attention and I checked for myself and have seen that a lot of accusations against me have started to vanish from certain twitter accounts. Oh, some are left, but a certain few recent ones have gone down the trash bin.

I think there is someone out there that realizes that I mean business when I said I would find the truth and now wants to cover things up. It is a bit too late since the screen shots I have still has the accusations on it. Also, people have seen the accusations and know EXACTLY what I was accused of along with all of the details.

These people, some who are not my friends, found it rather odd that the posts vanished and now are wondering if their support of certain people were a mistake.

I responded that they might want to wait to see what I  have found out and then they can judge for themselves. Once I post what this is about, the person then can explain to everyone why the posts they made were deleted.

Stay tuned