I guess one way that Pops can dodge the Holly question is to make more accusations. Now he is complaining about a private room over on Facebook. He claims I am getting all sorts of donations to pay for “meds.”

How moronic can one get? Where is that fancy software that Murtstweets had? No screen shots of my account lately. Now why is that?

I guess he needs to talk the talk in order to fake a good image to women almost twice his age. Whatever floats his boat. He has some time left until May to play his foolish games.

These people live for the drama and Pops gives it to them. I went private in both Facebook and now in Twitter so that I could interact with friends and not have drama queens like Pops bothering us.

Pops, however, just cannot let things go. Now he is screwing with my Facebook accounts. His true colors are showing.

It is people like Pops and Holly that are ruining things for people on the internet. They have to keep on inserting themselves into places where they are not wanted.

One would think that his interaction with Anonymous and their recent ops would have kept him busy but that does not seem to be the case.

Oh well, I have other things to take care of. Let him lie his ass off.

Stay tuned