The one thing I have seen is that it is more advantages to start going off the grid in certain matters. The internet has all these neat little tools that allow me to do all sorts of things to hide where I am at, at any given time. There are ip spoof utilities and there are even ways to fool twitter in to posting you are places you are not.

I saw that stunt pulled recently and that has given me a LOT of ideas.

I have studied how Anonymous does things. Anonymous likes to brag when they do something and also are all too willing to detail exactly how they did certain things. I have done what is known as lucking on their various sites and observed as they talked amongst themselves and openly gave out the secrets of their trade.

One advantage of being on Social Security is that I have a hell of a lot of time on my hands. While others are working their 40+ hours, I am exploring the various websites that Anonymous frequent. I take notes, and I download all of their little tools.

I have learned how they hide themselves. All those layers used to hide who they really are. It is a rather simple process, actually. Some methods are automated where a piece of software or a bot will do most of the work.

There are some bright young people out there who write some real interesting programs and then put them on file sharing sites for people to take. All for free. No donations, no fees.

They do not ask who you are nor do they care what you do with their creation. They take pride that there is someone out there who take their creation to use for whatever purpose it is going to be used for. They boast about the down load numbers and also seem to know when their creation is at work.

So go ahead all of you out there. Force my twitter accounts down. Take away the blogs. I have a lot to play with when I am off Twitter or WordPress or wherever.

I will be out there and you will never know where I am at.

I will be doing those things that you will not know I am doing. I will be invisible for that is what you want.

Time to pack.

Stay tuned