I have had this little troll that seems to love to somehow infiltrate my protected account and take screenshots with the sole purpose of spreading these posts all around Twitter, and the internet to those poor addicted souls who found themselves left out in the cold when I protected my account.

What was surprising about all of this is that I had every intention of leaving the trolls behind and going off in another direction never to speak of them again. But, the trolls would have none of that and decided to draw me back in once again with the strange little sock account that was created.

I was mildly amused by this act of childish behavior because it demonstrated just how addicted these people are to me.

I was shocked to see that the sock is now really angry and frustrated and wants me off the internet.

Now, Pops and company go on and on about their plans are for getting me completely off of the internet and all of my blogs and social media websites banished.

Well, I am a bit ahead of their tactics. I have been watching my haters and taking notes. I have engaged my haters in order to expose what tricks they use. I studied how Radio has his blog set up and how it protects that account from being taken down. I was quite interested in how Radio was able to fend off one of the most powerful lawyers in the state of Florida.

A recent phone call I had also provided some interesting information which I then did some more research on. The person on that call mentioned some tools it was using in a new business it planned to start. Well, I have acquired those same tools.

Those tools may or may not be as good as the ones that person has, but so far they seem to be working.

It is amazing the kinds of tools people provide to be used on the internet and I now see the why the person who I talked to recently decided to invest in an elaborate version of what I now posses.

There is an old saying used in warfare. “If your enemy has better weapons than you, get those same weapons and make them better.

I am doing exactly that.

Stay tuned